Full Ownership

Experience the thrill of eventing as an owner


Why own an event horse?

Owning an event horse can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

For some owners the thrill is in watching their horse compete, while for others it's the joy of visiting their horse at the yard and watching a schooling session. When you own a horse with Team Rawlin we ensure you get the full experience from horse management to training and competing.

As an owner, you will get just as much delight watching your horse compete at its first BE100 competition as you will when it tackles its first three day event and when they reach top international level. The events are also a fantastic social experience where you meet and socialise with like minded people that enjoy the same passion for eventing.

Horse owners are an essential part of Wills journey and Olympic dreams, without their support it just wouldn't be possible.

If you are interested in horse ownership and would like to be part of Team Rawlin we would love to talk to you.